DIY Cork Board Calendar

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nick and I had a pretty packed weekend between his busy b-school schedule and doing an amazing build in Breezy Point with some great people from Tuesday's Children and NY Says Thank You (shout out). But, we managed to squeeze in a DIY project we've been hoping to do for a while - a cork board installment in our little desk alcove. 

We went back and forth between one big framed one and a pieced-together one made of smaller squares, and decided to go with the latter. It just so happens that Staples is right next door to a new art supply shop, so I stopped in and got inspired to spice this baby up with a little silver paint and stenciling.
I used Liquid Silver DecoColor paint pens...
...and large Helvetica stencils evenly across the top of three cork squares.
Voila! (Don't mind that messy bed in the mirror. Or the clutter on the desk. We are a real life couple in a studio, after all.)
It's a great way to keep track of our weekly schedules while also displaying some photos and mementos from our latest adventures. Along with the little doodles I have lying around too.

Till next time,