Friday's Mantra

Friday, June 28, 2013

I've been having a couple of those crazy busy weeks at work where by the time I get home, I'm wondering what the hell I did today beyond pump out emails and complete task after task for ten hours. I am lucky enough to work for a nonprofit, though, that reminds me why we're there all the time. 

But this weekend, I'm reminding myself to take a breath and do things that make me a happy gal. Reminding myself to NOT check my email, to be silly, to do something creative or just do nothing at all. Reminding myself to actually enjoy the day and live it - which is such a weird thing to realize that you can forget. 

Enjoy that deep thought of the day :)

Have a great weekend!

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DIY Chalkboard Paint Stripes

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A really quick and easy project that I've been wanting to post is the chalkboard paint stripe Nick and I created in our plain little kitchen:
Like many renters in NYC, Nick and I struggle with ways to make our rented space ours without taking drastic measures difficult to reverse one day. This was especially true of our very small, stark white kitchen with one open wall constructed in a very bizarre shape. We thought up a lot of different useful possibilities for the wall including shelves and a pot rack - but were convinced I'd find a way to poke my eye out in either scenario (not unlikely). Since we both wanted to try our hand at chalkboard paint, we decided this weird wall would be a great place for experimenting with it.

Oh. Miami.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh. Miami. You were so fun, beautiful, expensive and, at times, super weird. 

Over the weekend, I headed down to the MIA for a bachelorette weekend to celebrate the remaining single-ness of a best friend who is soon to be a b-e-a-utiful bride. I know that I am extremely lucky to have amazing friendships that have lasted years, but I can't help but feel spoiled when we get together like this and I get to see all of them for more than an hour at a time, a rarity since moving away. Others might think this about their friends, but mine are the funnest and funniest people on Earth. I'm sure of it. 

We stayed at the Clevelander Hotel right on famous South Beach whose view, service and staff were all amazing. The lobby decor screamed Miami chic with bright colors and clean lines and is where we had multiple frozen "welcome cocktails" and met our super sassy bell hop. One downside to the hotel: the outdoor clubs on the ground floor and roof deck hosted some serious getting down all hours of the night, but they do provide complimentary earplugs in the rooms.

Happy Anniversary NYC

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After a questionably sober post-bachelorette flight home from Miami Sunday, I shared a ride home with a gal who reminded me of a much younger, adorable and less jaded version of myself from two years ago.

Hey girl, are those bangs? A feather headband? Street hot dog?  Ok, cool.
After pointing out everything we passed (no offense Queens, but we were in Queens) and asking where all the skyscrapers were, I felt obliged as a super experienced New Yorker to ask this person if she was here visiting or here for good - because she needed to learn her some stuff right away. She said she was staying for two months for an internship and asked if I had any suggestions for things to see other than the obvious. 

Weekend Snapshots

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brunched some amazing brunch, tried out a new restaurant, failed my Miami diet and got to nothing on my to-do list. Sounds about right:

First stop: Fruit Pizza Heaven from this brilliant lady.
Hung out with a pretty girl who tasted some pretty flowers.

What This Weekend's Lookin' Like

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This weekend, every person in New York City has vacated to go be cool and listen to cool music at Governors Ball. I am not one of these people since you have to buy tickets months ago and I find it difficult to pay large sums of money without some kind of instant gratification. And what if I hated the Lumineers or Best Coast by then??! (Just kidding, that would never happen).

Also, the fast approaching Bachelorette getaway for one of my besties in Miami next weekend has me holding on to my wallet for dear life while I still can and Nick has a mid-term next week so he's nose-down in stuff that literally makes my eyeballs fall out. They. fall out. 

Things You Need Right Now: Flamingo Everything

Thursday, June 6, 2013

via 100 Layer Cake
My recent trip to Florida with Nick and his family was a seriously much needed break from the New York winter (and New York Spring, which I often forget is also freezing). I got my first "tan" in six months and came back to the city totally renewed. But back in the city I certainly was as my favorite Penn Station squatter reminded me that Monday by dancing a jig around his trash can and chatting animatedly with the air. Hi air! Damn you air! Aw.

Something I brought back with me beyond the tan was a distinct nostalgia for beachy things. My parents' home was always filled with authentic drift wood accents, vases filled with shells and coral that we found on our habitual weekend trips to the water and artwork scattered on the walls from beach-town artists that my dad would work on for good deals. Having seen more fish and birds, including pretty flamingos, in my life than I can count, I've also been seeing a lot of flamingo accents for this Summer that I'm super into:

Welcome to the Neighborhood Perk Kafe

Monday, June 3, 2013

Being two bona fide caffeine addicts, most of our Saturday and Sunday mornings are spent bargaining for who will brave the great outdoors and walk to the closest bodega or Starbucks to grab the coffees. A few days ago, Nick mentioned stopping into a new coffee shop he noticed around the corner called Perk Kafe. Drawn in by the bright sunroom out front, he ordered an iced coffee, promptly decided it was amazing and that we had to go this Saturday.