Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to host some great friends at my apartment for a little wine and a little watercolor painting, lovingly dubbed #watercolorwinefest. I am by no means an expert in the art of anything, much more of a serial dabbler, so I was unsure of how my little workshop would turn out. However, since wine was involved, I did know it would at least be fun.

I woke up early on Sunday and got to turning my teensy studo into a makeshift workshop, utilizing every form of tabletop and seating I had - including the edge of my bed. Once I arranged the room, I set up stations with pre-cut watercolor paper, bright palettes and plenty of brushes. Then I made it pretty - I mean, really, if you add a little baker's twine, confetti and anemonies to any situation, you're good to go. 

a Voluspa candle never hurts the ambiance

when everyone arrived, it was time for some liquid courage

there was laughing and texting and volumizing your hair

once we actually got started, surprise, surprise, my friends were awesome

we experimented with white crayon designs

we made feathers, hearts and other shapes

mixed colors and water levels to get the perfect pigments

we used gold leaf too!

sometimes the dab paper towels are my favorite pieces of the day

things did get a little silly towards the end

and these hotties looked real nyfw while saying their goodbyes

Let's just say #watercolorwinefest was the first of MANY byob workshops to come. Currently taking suggestions for the next! Check out the rest of the #winewatercolorfest creations on Instagram.

Till next time,


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