The Art of the Staycation

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

As a young working couple, it has been pretty impossible to find the time for a legit week-long vacation that works out for both of our schedules. To get to that elusive compromise place, we decided to do a long weekend away at Lake George so that Nick could get back to it on Monday and I could resume my time off with a little staycation (more on amazing Lake George to come). 

With my cheesy tourist tee on and a little coffee in hand, I present to you the art of the staycation:

1. Do not wear real clothes. Not even when you leave the house.
2. No hair styling or makeup wearing is allowed. 
3. If you don't have a Netflix account at this point, you are an animal. Get one. Then watch embarrassing amounts made-for-tv movies and hundreds of episodes of those tv shows your significant other has banned from your DVR. 
Some musts: Orange is the New Black, Top of the Lake, House of Cards, Sherlock and re-watching my favorites from The Office, New Girl, Mad Men, Arrested Development and, yes, Gossip Girl.
4. Arts and crafts supplies are a necessity for me in case random inspiration for little projects should strike. Like this one
5. Drink wine. Any ole time of the day. 

And that is it. It's been an amazing, cheap way to top off my vacation. Highly recommend staycating for one and all! 

Till next time,


  1. Loved it,keep up the good worh !