Happy Anniversary NYC

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

After a questionably sober post-bachelorette flight home from Miami Sunday, I shared a ride home with a gal who reminded me of a much younger, adorable and less jaded version of myself from two years ago.

Hey girl, are those bangs? A feather headband? Street hot dog?  Ok, cool.
After pointing out everything we passed (no offense Queens, but we were in Queens) and asking where all the skyscrapers were, I felt obliged as a super experienced New Yorker to ask this person if she was here visiting or here for good - because she needed to learn her some stuff right away. She said she was staying for two months for an internship and asked if I had any suggestions for things to see other than the obvious. 

I thought about some of my favorite spots that she probably wouldn't know of and felt a little cool that I actually had some answers, won't lie. But I also started to feel like I had to tell her little things too. Like, all cabs take credit cards. But walk everywhere you can. To that end, the sidewalks are more like streets here - so walk with a fire lit under your ass or people WILL be pissed. Also, people will be pissed in general.

She reminded me that it was this time two years ago I had come to NYC with a one-way ticket hoping for a lot and knowing nothing. Nowadays, I still hope for a lot and know just a little less nothing. To celebrate our anniversary, I'd like to tell you what I've learned about living here and what I'll try to keep in mind this next year, NYC:

1. If you have to cry, do go outside.
2. You will cry.
3. Then you'll stop crying.
4. Take "you're not from here" as a compliment.
5. You owe Nick more money than you could ever possibly ever pay back to him ever.
6. Stop worrying so much, my god.
7. Macy's in Herald Square is not OK. Stop going there.
8. Bring a pair of flats to change into, Amanda.
9. Say YES more often.
10. Remove your headphones while grocery shopping. It's crossing an anti-social line.
11. Some people are mean.
12. More people are awesome, fun, nice and interesting.
13. You fit right in, because no one fits right in here.
14. There will be more dirty bum nudity in your future.
15. When in doubt, find a park to sit in.

A few very deep observations, I know. But this undoubtedly is the most fun I've had trying to figure things out so far.

I leave you with a photo of my suitcase after that fateful flight up here:

Graceful entrance, as always.

Till next time,


  1. Christine ShebroeJune 18, 2013 at 9:06 AM

    OMG I am dying laughing. You. Are. So. Funny.

  2. Hahah I love this one

  3. That suitcase was lucky to have you!