What This Weekend's Lookin' Like

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This weekend, every person in New York City has vacated to go be cool and listen to cool music at Governors Ball. I am not one of these people since you have to buy tickets months ago and I find it difficult to pay large sums of money without some kind of instant gratification. And what if I hated the Lumineers or Best Coast by then??! (Just kidding, that would never happen).

Also, the fast approaching Bachelorette getaway for one of my besties in Miami next weekend has me holding on to my wallet for dear life while I still can and Nick has a mid-term next week so he's nose-down in stuff that literally makes my eyeballs fall out. They. fall out. 

On that note, here are our weekend plans:

- Nick wants to re-stain and re-cover our curbside-rescue chair "like a sissy girl" ...me too buddy, me too. 

- I will be attending a staff brunch with my loverly co-workers, thrown by a hostess who has her own monogram machine and the cutest 10-month old girl you've ever seen on instagram. Clearly excited about this. 

- Hopefully, recreating this super sized cross-stitch project for the blank wall above our bed that we've been wanting to do forever (thinking burnt orange for the pegboard):

image via Design Sponge
-Probably round things out with another stop in at Perk Kafe and have a few Sunday beers on the couch together catching up on some Mad Men or The Killing.

Sometimes the most simple weekends are my favorite. Hoping yours is a favorite too!