Things You Need Right Now: Couples' Closet Must-Haves

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sharing an apartment with your significant other can be as challenging as it is fun when it comes to incorporating two apartments full of stuff into one (see my tale of woe for girly home goods here). Sharing a closet is a whole other animal.

Tips like "hang hooks on empty walls" and "use empty floor space creatively" are great for people who have all of this sprawling empty space to work with. However, if you are 24 (ahem, or newly 25) and live in NYC, this likely is not your situation. Nick and I have given our closet a few edits since moving in so I wanted to share our lifesavers (and relationship savers) in case you find yourself in a similar scenario any time soon.

The Container Store's Natural Storage Boxes - The Container Store is a godsend for city living with a website and store organized by someone with not only good taste but common sense. I use these boxes to store things like extra bedding and towels in a pretty way on the shelves in the closet.

Another Container Store Find is the Underbed Box - Separate your wardrobe into seasons and only keep the current one hanging up. We have two of these under our bed and swap out pieces as the seasons change.

Real Simple's 9 Cube Storage Unit - We have an alcove in our closet with enough room for one dresser but quickly found that no dresser would be enough room for all of our folded clothes. So we opted to get a little creative, stacking two of these cubes in the space and utilizing storage baskets like these. It gives us a ton of room.
Studded Storage Bench - Choose furniture that can pull double duty like benches with storage space. Wayfair has a lot of options. Ours has been great for storing extra blankets and coats.

A few more things: If you haven't worn it in a year, you probably won't. Do your closet a favor and bring your gently used clothes to a consignment boutique like Second Time Around or donate them to a local thrift store. Also, Vacuum storage bags are amazing and work wonders.

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