Decorating Pt. 1

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's an interesting thing when you move from your tiny NYC apartment you shared with your roommate - who was also a girl - to an even tinier NYC apartment with a man...he is surprisingly not cool with filling the entire place with your very carefully curated collection of amazing girl things. Which are mostly, unknowingly, very girly. Chevron print is girly. Throw pillows (at all) are girly? The color GOLD is girly?! Lacquered trays on tables are what!! Apparently, yes. To all of this. 

Enter the interesting task of gender neutral decorating. My boyfriend and I moved in together about 5 months ago and have found the task to be both challenging and hilarious as we attempt to incorporate mixed tastes, a small budget and an even smaller amount of square footage. I will probably never get as many metallic accents as I'd like in the place, but he will also never wallpaper the entirety of our apartment with his large collection of records like he'd hoped. Compromise? Compromise. 

Here's our progress so far:

I'll be highlighting some of my favorite things in the coming weeks, along with many new projects as we keep on keepin' on. One of my favorites so far was choosing bedding that we both liked. After 70 link exchanges via email, we settled on the West Elm Jacquard Leaf Duvet Cover in Onyx:

Photo Cred: West Elm
We love it, it's gorgeous and it matches everything else in our space, which is important since it's technically just one big room. But here are some other favorites:

This pretty Gray Ikat Bed Cover from one of my favorites, Furbish:
Photo Cred: Furbish

This beauty from Serena & Lily:
Photo Cred: Serena & Lily

The Port of Call Quilt from the geniuses at Anthropology (if only we lived in a beach cottage):
Photo Cred: Anthropology

What I've learned so far is that perfect is the enemy of good and, as difficult a task as it may be, giving in to the notion that my taste is not the only taste in the world is important. Moving in with my main squeeze has been the most fun thing I've done in a while. Try it, you might like it!

Till next time,


  1. This made me laugh! Geoff hates our desk. The only things in OUR room that are his are this awful Gator lamp and a wood table (that's actually legit...score!). Moving in is really fun though! Want to see the place next time I'm up ok? Love you!

    1. Haha glad I made you laugh! There may or may not be a full size Bucs helmet on our bookshelf. Men and their sports teams, still testing the limits on wiggle room there :) But yes, definitely next time you're here! Love you!

  2. Love it Amanita,keep up the good work.As a wannabe writer fun to see the infusion in your writing.Taking the mix of elegance,taste,compatability.I believe it is lookin good.Specially love the Prt of call quilt,and yes it would be nice on a four poster overlookin the sea ! Love you keep up the writing,you are good !