Meet Your New Lifestyle Spirit Guides: LEAF

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whether it's a brilliant new blogger to follow and emulate, an amazing new brand to shop the shit out of or the latest and greatest workout craze (see: the time I tried a Miami-themed dance class),  I'm constantly discovering new things online that seem impossible to have ever lived without. I fancy myself a listserv queen, constantly bookmarking new websites and signing up for email subscriptions from my favorite corners of the internet.

This year, I'll be sharing some of the aforementioned websites that you must have in your life, starting with how-to heaven over at LEAF.




From styling a sequin skirt four ways to finally cutting an avocado the right way, the ladies over at LEAF have you covered. LEAF is a modern lifestyle platform for women featuring short how-to videos that are gorgeous to look at and always on-trend. Co-founded by two very stylish female entrepreneurs, Geri Hirsch and Erin Falconer have created a one-stop shop to upgrade your everyday life. The best part? It literally is a shop, each post being completely shoppable, so you can grab your favorite items on the spot.

They've become my go-to for a daily dose of inspiration in my closet, kitchen, home and everything else in between. Visit their website and get your domestic goddess on!

Till next time,


  1. Love it. KEEP WRITING !

  2. Ahhhh this warmed my heart! Thank you for such a lovely write up and for supporting LEAF. Perhaps as a thank you we can make that delicious kale salad of yours into a 'Two on Twelve' inspired LEAF video? xx

    1. Absolutely! I'd be doing my gal pals a serious disservice if I didn't write LEAF up. As for that thank you - that would be amazing! I love what you ladies are doing and would be thrilled if my little kale salad made a guest appearance :)