Breaking It Down and Dirty at 305 Fitness

Friday, May 31, 2013

Despite the fact that I danced at a studio for many years as a kid - and even on my high school dance team in front of the entire student body - I would never be able to tell you that I am a good dancer. In fact, I'm pretty sure others feel uncomfortable watching me dance because of my alternative skill set - I have zero grace, a little rhythm and feel most comfortable butchering step routines and crumping. (Insert Nick's horrified face here). 

However, I never pass up the opportunity to entertain with my sweet moves. So, when I was invited by a new friend to go to a Miami nightclub-themed dance cardio class called 305 Fitness, naturally I said yes.  

305 Fitness Party from 305 Fitness: Sweat is Sexy on Vimeo.

I arrived to the studio to find a live DJ, neon lights and 305 Fitness founder and instructor, Sadie. To say the gorgeous 23-year-old is perky is an understatement (this was her third class in a row and she had more energy than all of us combined). She ran up to me with her insane bod and said "Hey! What the hell is up! You must be Haley!" Close. 

Her confidence was infectious and convinced me to do whatever she told me. After an hour of jumping, flailing and shaking things, I was beyond sweaty and not totally down for the walk home from Chelsea.

Typically a runner (I use that loosely) and occasional spinner/yogi, this class was an amazing way to break up my routine. I definitely felt like I got a serious workout - the 305 Fitness website says you burn close to 800 calories a class and I believe it.

Beyond bringing home some sweet new moves to demonstrate for Nick, I also caught a pretty sunset down the street.

I will definitely be back for another class with my girl Sadie. If you're interested, you can reserve your spot here and invite me to go with you. If you bring 3 friends, you get one class free!

Till next time,


  1. giiirl, i heard about this the other day and thought about going. i would totally go back with you sometime!