Tuesday's Mantra

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So, I work for a non-profit and a HUGE part of my job is event planning. Events are stressful messes full of logistics and egos but are also really fun and rewarding when you get to see your vision come to life. I have my first solo go at it tonight and have committed to repeating these two things some wise people once told me when I feel like jumping out the window: 

1. You will never ever ever, no matter how hard you try, please everyone. Some people cannot be pleased. I haven't decided how I feel about cursing on the blog yet but there's a good curse word for these people. 

2. When in doubt, take a deep breath. 

Wish me luck and wishing all of you an audacious Tuesday!

Photo Cred: Striking Thruths

xoxo Amanda


  1. No luck needed,you will hit it out of the park.

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