Weekend Snapshots

Monday, May 20, 2013

What we did...

Finally saw The Great Gatsby (amazing).

Wandered Gramercy and admired the local real estate.
Took very serious pictures of Nick in front of this adorable facade in Gramercy. 

Saw all of the pretty flowers in Stuyvesant Square.

Wished I had this many chandeliers in my life.

Saw Paul Rudd and David Coechner filming Anchorman 2 in Madison Square Park.

Had some fun with friends at an old favorite spot and took a very dark picture.

Braved the rain to fantasy shop at Bloomingdales.

Bought this amazing tablescape from Bloomingdales for our place (...just kidding. It wouldn't fit even if I wanted to).

Bought a new midi ring whose concept completely blew Nick's mind. 

Despite the weather, it was a good one. Only five days till Friday!



  1. where did you get the midi ring? ive been searching for one!

    1. It's from Urban Outfitters - took all of 3 hours to turn my finger green :) I know this store Catbird in Brooklyn has a bunch of cool ones that I think do not turn your finger green.

    2. let's make a day trip...next month when we have our scheduled day date ;)

    3. Aaaabsolutely. That sounds delightful!